Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Believe!!!

We Believe: Kids are World Changers!

We Believe: Jesus, God's only Son, is the ultimate world changer, bringing forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and a purpose for living to all who believe and trust in Him.

We Believe: The Bible is the true and inspired Word of God.

We Believe: Kids have an amazing ability to understand Biblical truth and apply it to their lives.

We Believe: God uses kids to reach their sphere of influence. 

We Believe: In the Local Church. We celebrate the diversity of the body, and embrace the unique and vivid ways in which God inspires His people to worship Him. We recognize that doctrinal differences exist, and we give way to the local church to teach the principles that they hold true, consistent with a sound biblical basis. Jesus set a powerful example of how to build unity in the body as He embraced people of varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, and in how He valued relationship above all else.

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