Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The 3 R's: Johnny's Rules of Engagements

The best way to get your kids to behave and interact the way you want them to is to communicate your expectation to them in a way that they understand. In this short video Johnny Rogers shares the 3 Rules of Engagement that he teaches the kids in his group... maybe they'll work for your kids too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One's in the Crowd

It’s easy to think of the kids in your ministry as a group… a crowd… maybe even a mob! ...that's not necessarily a good thing. I was recently reminded that, no matter how massive our groups get, we need to minister to our kids as individuals. The ultimate goal is for each child to feel spoken to, related to, and ministered to personally each week. Making your ministry personal can be a challenge as your group grows in number, but the only number that really counts is 1. So whether your group is 20, 40, or 170, try to not think of them as a group of that many... but as that many 1's. Purposefully speaking to each one as if they were the only one will help keep your kids from feeling lost in the crowd.


Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, it’s that time of the year again… the season of sneezes, sniffles and outright sickness is upon us again! Here are a few tips to help you and your co-leaders stay healthy and hearty this winter so you can concentrate on your kids, not your colds.

 1. Wash Your Hands! - One of the best ways to avoid getting sick (especially when you’re working closely with kids) is to wash your hands… a lot! Be sure to do a thorough job; use soap and warm water, scrub for at least 15 seconds, and wash your hands several times throughout the day (like in between church services). Expert hand washers recommend using liquid soap (not the bar kind), and drying hands on paper towels that you then throw away. Hand sanitizers (like Purell) are are another good idea. These products use an antiseptic alcohol to destroy 99% of germs and you can use them anytime and anywhere because they don't require soap, water or towels to be effective.

 2. Clean Your Surfaces - They say that germs and bacteria can live for hours on the surfaces that sickies have touched (or sneezed on). Use germ-killing cleaning products to disinfect your classroom’s desks, doorknobs, game controllers and toys… and don’t forget to wipe down your laminated KIDMO scorecards and the balls that you use as points.

 3. Cover Up! - If everyone covered their face when they coughed or sneezed, germs wouldn't stand a chance! Unfortunately, many people just can't make this habit stick, and the germs fly free. Encourage kids to turn their head and cough or sneeze into the crook of their elbow -- rather than the palm of their hand -- to avoid passing germs by touch.

 4. Eat, Exercise & Sleep - Get plenty of sleep. Exercise, especially aerobic, increases the body's virus-killing cells. Even better, exercise outside in the fresh air, away from dehydrating indoor heating systems and recirculated, germy air. Eat healthy foods with lots of vitamins, like colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and yogurt. Drink fluids; it flushes out your system. 

Take care of yourself! Your kids need you!


 For more tips on staying healthy, check out the article that inspired this post at: http://multiples.about.com/od/familyissues/tp/healthytips.htm


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Note from a KIDMO Kid


I'm a student from KIDMO, and I LOVE it! It really seems to work magic on my church. All the kids who are usually loud, and "unteachable", are becoming really nice! Especcially the Christamas episodes, my church was amazing. I saw the very loud 5th graders standing next to the 1st graders, that they usually dont even talk to, swaying to the music, singing all the christams song, it was wonderful! 

When i was little, i didn't really like going to church. But now that there's KIDMO, im exited to go, and i look foward to it during the week. I also LOVE the songs. I mean, who could have thought of a better way to make Christ through music? I sure don't know anyone. I mean, even the older kids, we all come up and do motions for the younger kids. But I do have one suggestion. Could you make a song JUST about the rapture. Not like all the freaky, scary parts. I mean, i dont think you really want to scare the little 1st graders. Just saying He will come. I think it would make a good song. 

Well, you guys are amazing! Now I feel better about bringing friends to church, cuz they would be lass tempted to go, if you're listening to a long sermon in a very low monotone. But GO JOHNNY ROGERS!

Rebecca N.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ministry is More Than Words

Take a second or two to think back on the school teachers and church leaders that you had when you were young. You might be able to remember some of their names, maybe what they looked like, maybe some of the big picture principles that they taught you...  I only remember a few of them very well. When I was in 5th grade I had a Sunday School teacher named Mrs Myers who was the coolest little old lady teacher ever. I remember her teaching Bible stories on the flannel graph (umm... yeah...). I remember one week when she shared the plan of salvation that ultimately led to me giving my life to Jesus,  but, to tell the truth, I really can't remember anything much about all of the other Sundays that she taught my class. Only that one lesson. ~ What I can tell you is that Mrs. Myers was my Sunday morning buddy at church. She knew my name... she told me that she missed me when I wasn't there... and she seemed really interested in hearing about my baseball games. She made me feel important. She made me want to go to church. While I don't remember a lot of what she said, I remember wanting to be around her.  

The truth is, most kids (including a lot of us "former kids") don't remember a whole lot of what their teachers say word-for-word week-to-week. As adult leaders we need to be mindful of this reality! While we may wrestle with the words we'll use to communicate God's truth to our kids, we need to be aware that the lessons we teach are only a small part of our ministry. As your kids grow up and think back on the teachers who influenced them, it's likely that they will remember your actions and attitudes -- that you were there, and that you care -- more than the lessons you taught. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Lists

About this time every year postal workers in New York City begin opening thousands of letters that kids have written and mailed to Santa Claus through the USPS. The project is called Operation Santa Claus, and its goal is to match children in need with surrogate Santa’s who can help give an underprivileged child a Merry Christmas. While we’re not endorsing Operation Santa, or asking you to participate in the project, we do want to pass on some information on the trends that its participants are reporting this year. 

In a recent radio interview, Gary Smiley, a New York Paramedic who has picked up letters from the NYC Post Office and given gifts to their writers for 18 years, said that he has seen kids Christmas wishes change this year, “It has kind of shifted a lot from toys to more clothing and necessities. They really just need the basics in life. They don’t want a race car they want a coat, or a pair of pants or a nice outfit they can wear to school as opposed to a doll or something.” 

What can we take from this as Children’s Ministry workers? We need to be acutely aware that, while Christmas is a joyous time for many of the families in our churches, many others are struggling at home financially, emotionally and relationally during this current time of economic recession, and many of the kids in our programs may be facing slim Christmases. 

What can you do? If your church doesn’t already have a means of matching children in need with others who can provide them with gifts, food and clothing this season, you can start one! There’s still plenty of time to create your own Christ-centered Christmas “Operation” to help the kids in your class. This also gives us a unique opportunity to teach our kids that the real gift of Christmas isn't one that comes wrapped in colored paper, but one that came wrapped in swaddling clothes.  If New Yorkers can “bless” children and their families in the name of Santa, how much more so should we bless the families in our churches and communities in the name of Jesus, and remind them that He alone is the real reason for the Season, and Hero of the Holiday. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Lil K Series! Introducing: SHOW & TELL

We are thrilled to announce the release & availability of SHOW & TELL, a brand new 5-week series based on the creation account in Genesis 1. In this series, your preschoolers will learn that God made our big world and everything in it, and discover that God is a marvelous maker!

Join Kai, Professor Sock and Lil K as they say, "Tada! Look what God made!" in SHOW & TELL!

- Topic: Creation

- Bible Passage: Genesis 1:1-2:2

- Basic Teaching: God made our big world, and everything in it.

- Application: Challenge kids to look for things that God has made and say, “Tada! Look what God made!”

- Remember Verse: Genesis 1:31 “God looked at everything He made, and it was very good.”

For more information on this and other Lil K series, or to order, visit the Lil K "Shop" at www.kidmo.com.

Friday, November 14, 2008

If Prairie Dogs Could Fly!

Happy Friday! Time for another fun-day clip... This one comes from the Johnny Rogers Soar series and answers the the question on all of our minds... what if Prairie Dogs went to space??? (If Pats is any indication... let's hope it never happens). Enjoy the video... and have a great weekend interacting with your kids!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Johnny Rogers Reports from The Sticks

The intrepid Johnny Rogers and his faithful Marketing Man, Mark, headed out to The Sticks this week... literally! The Sticks is a gathering to inspire and equip pastors in small to medium towns to make a big impact for the Kingdom! This year's Sticks conference met at New Hope Community Church in Loudonville, Ohio. -- We know they actually went, because Johnny filed these video reports...

You can find out more about The Sticks Conference at their website: www.thesticks.tv

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pray at the Pump

The last time I got gas I had to push a button marked "Pay at the Pump" -- I laughed to myself just a little as I quickly changed the word "Pay" to "Pray" in my head. Pray at the Pump.  Heh. Funny. =) ...and then I thought, hey, it's not such a bad idea. I took the next few minutes to pray for my family, my job, our nation's leaders... (and, yes, the price of gas). I want to challenge you to try it too! It can be hard to set aside dedicated prayer time each week, but we always have to stop for gas. So, next time you Pay at the Pump... remember to Pray at the Pump! The good news is, the bigger your car, the more time you'll have to pray!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Kid (or Kids) of the Week Profiles

Church is an awesome place for kids (and grown-ups, for that matter) to find great friends... but it can be difficult for kids to really get to know each other unless you, the leader, are purposeful about helping kids connect. One way you can cultivate connection is by taking a few minutes each week to highlight a couple kids by doing "Kid of the Week" profiles.

Print up some cards & have each of your kids answer some simple questions about themselves. Things like:
- Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are they older or younger than you?
- Do you have a pet? What is it? What is it's name?
- If you could go anyplace for lunch, where would you want to go? What would you order?
- What is your favorite color?
- Do you play any sports?
- What do you want to be when you grow up?
- What is your favorite thing about coming to church each week?

The questions should be easy to answer, and non-threatening. The goal is to ask things that will help kids discover that they have things in common.

Take a week to fill out & collect the cards, then make a schedule & take a couple minutes to introduce a kid or two to the class each week. With their cards in hand, invite them to the front of the room, have everyone clap for them, and tell the class about them, "This is Stephen! He has two younger brothers. Does anyone else have a younger brother?"    

Take the idea and make it your own... Have fun with it! -- It can be fun to give them a special crown to wear (customized Burger King crowns are perfect!) and dub them the kids of the day! Depending on the size of your group, you may choose to do this once a month, or you might highlight 3 or 4 kids every week... the idea is to make it easy for your kids to get to know each other. After the interview, encourage kids to say "hi" to the people you profile. You might even add a couple bonus questions to your Team Competition time at the end and award extra points for teams that can correctly answer questions about your kid(s) of the week.

Try it! You might be surprised at how something so simple can help foster friendships & create community in your class. 


Friday, November 7, 2008

Yakkety Yak

Hay, it's another Friday... that means it's time to post another fun clip! This one is from the Johnny Rogers "Zoom" series. There's just something fun about a talking cow... err... a yakking yak. I hope you find it to be udderly mooving.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Praying For Your Children

We all know that we should pray for the kids in our ministries, but sometimes it's hard to know what to pray for. This handy prayer chart (adapted from an article written by Bob Hosteteler for Pray Magazine) is an awesome resource to give you ideas of what to pray each day of the month. 

Visit this link to check it out, print it out & pass it out so you & your leaders can know how to pray everyday.  


Friday, October 31, 2008

If Prairie Dogs Could Talk...

Yaay! It's another Friday! And Friday is Funday here on the blog... hey... that means you made it through another week! Woo-hoo for you! Nice job. Your reward for hanging in there is this fun little video reminding us of the importance of service & humility, courtesy of everyone's favorite Prairie Dog, Pats.

Until next time... don't be a Pats!!! Get out there and wash some feet! (No matter how grody there are!) -- Hope you have a great Sunday!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cray-Z CrayonZ

If your church is like most, you probably have a literal "mess" of useless broken crayon bits laying around. Instead of throwing them away, try this... 

Step 1: Gather your broken bits and peel off any leftover labels.
Step 2: Put the peeled pieces into muffin cups, filling each cup about half way (use liners to protect the tin if you like, or dedicate a tin for easier extraction and smoother edges)
Step 3: Bake the batch in a 325-degree oven for 5-8 minutes (or until the mixture is magnificently melty)
Step 4: Take them out, let them cool & harden... then color! 


This is a fun activity you can do with your class, and it's a great way to conserve resources & save money. The end result is a cool collection of chunky cray-Z crayonz that your kids will love to color with. 

- Group similar colors into each cup to keep your colors consistent, or mix things up to create custom color combinations
- Use different tin sizes & shapes... try using large muffin cups, minis, heart shapes, whatever!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Owlsome Advice - Happy Friday!

It's a rainy Friday outside our Nashville production facility, and we thought it'd be fun to post a silly video clip, just to make you smile. -- As a matter of fact, we'd like to hereby declare that Fridays are Fundays here on the KIDMO Blog! This week's clip, featuring the advice of the oh-so-wise(?) Owlsome Owl, comes to you from the Johnny Roger's Knights of the Rectangle series. -- Remember... be comfortable with who you are! Don't be jealous! ~ Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN - #5 NOTICE

For those of you following my series on building a relational CHAIN to your kids,  I bring you the last link in the acronym!!! Yaay!!!

Connect    Honor    Ask    Invest     NOTICE

Today's link is brought to you by the letter "N" ...NOTICE. As in, notice what is happening in the lives of your kids. The three keys to noticing are as simple as crossing the street. In fact, if you can do one, you can do the other! The secret to both is to Stop, Look, and Listen.

1) STOP - Often the greatest ministry opportunities show up when we're busy, and too many times, we miss them. When faced with a choice between a child or a chore, we need to stop what we're doing, kneel down, and invest some time to make that child feel special.

2) LOOK - Appearances can be deceiving. There can be hurts and worries behind well-groomed smiling faces. As leaders, we need to be intentional about pausing our busyness long enough to look children in the eyes and see into their hearts.

3) LISTEN - You can find out a lot about a kid's life if you simply listen to them. Listen for comments that will give you clues about their family, friends, school, likes and dislikes. These clues will help you see what is truly going on in the life of a child so you can know how to pray for and minister to the kids in your class.

As children arrive in your ministry this week, beware of being so busy that you miss the opportunity to truly notice what is happening beneath the surface in the lives of your kids. Building a relational bridge sometimes requires us to put something down and empty our hands, so that we can reach out to our kids, "hands free" and fully available.

Johnny Rogers

Check out Johnny's personal blog here

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Questions

There’s no doubt about it… running a children's program can be downright dizzying... and sometimes, draining! Especially if you don’t know whether or not the kids are “getting it.” In light of the flurry of activity that surrounds your service times, it helps to be completely clear and purposeful about your primary teaching each and every week. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think…

As you review your lesson in preparation for your group time, make sure that you (and all your leaders) can answer these three simple questions about the content.

1) What do you want the kids to know?

2) Why do you want them to know it?

3) What do you want them to do because of it?

If you can prepare your leaders so that they can answer these questions before the kids arrive… they’ll know exactly why they are teaching what they are teaching. And if your kids can answer these questions before they leave… they’ll know exactly why they are learning what they are learning!

While I can’t claim original ownership of these three questions… (I got them from Johnny Rogers who got them from some other wise one) I want to pass them on to you so that you can pass them on to others. They are a super place to start as you prepare to present God’s truths to your students, and an excellent way to test whether or not the truths you teach are taking root in the hearts and minds of your kids.


Friday, October 10, 2008

New Lil K Series: God's Kid!

We're pleased to announce the recent release of a brand new Lil K preschool series called God's Kid. In this series, based on Luke Chapter 2, your kids will learn that Jesus was an amazing kid! He listened, learned, obeyed... He even taught in the temple! They'll see that Jesus was a very special kid because He was God's Kid!

Take a minute to check out the new trailer here... then pop over to www.KIDMO.com to read more about the series.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

KIDMO! on the Go

Last week children’s ministry workers from across the country (and around the world!) gathered outside Chicago for the 10th Annual Kid U Celebration Conference in Chicago. The event is put on by the fine folks at Kidology (www.kidology.org). Their mission: to equip and encourage those who minister to kids. The four-day event included Leadership Labs, Volunteer Workshops, a Celebration Banquet, worship led by Alan Root, and an exhibit hall featuring a number of super-cool sponsors, including… (drum roll please) …US! 

Our magnificent Marketing man, Mr. Mark Campbell, hit the road to represent KIDMO!  at the show. “Kidology University was an amazing gathering of Kids Ministry workers from across the country, and this year, from around the world. We were proud to be there as a sponsor. Working the KIDMO! booth is always fun. We get to see some of our KIDMO! users and hear how our resources are working to meet needs in their churches. Plus it's always a blast to introduce KIDMO! to new folks.”


This trip was particularly fun for Mark because he was accompanied by a special sidekick. “I got to take my 10 year old daughter, Abigail… we saw live concerts with KIDZ BLITZ & GOD ROCKS... and we got to stop in Downtown Chicago on the way home for some Pizza Uno and a visit to the brand new American Girl store. Life is Good!”

Check out the Kidology website to learn more about the Kid U event and the many other ways that they can help you in your ministry. One note: Their website is Kidology.org not .com!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parenting Ain't Easy

According to a 2007 survey by The Barna Group, it appears that a lot of parents are struggling. In its April 23, 2007 update, www.barna.org reported that...  

  1. A majority of parents feel overly busy, stressed out or are buckling under the pressure of mounting financial debt.
  2. Most adults are dissatisfied with their job, even though it consumes a majority of their waking hours.
  3. American parents tend to blame other parents for the problems evident among today’s young people while excusing themselves from any blame. A large share of parents, however, do express worry about the future that their children will inherit and how prepared their children are to deal with the challenges of that future.Fewer than one out of every ten families have parents who pray together, study the Bible together and lead the family in regular explorations of their faith.
  4. The standards that parents have established for evaluating their own performance as a parent are innocuous. If their children have avoided publicly recognized problems - such as physical or substance abuse, gang involvement, satanic activity, pregnancy, or physical aggression - and continue to get passing grades in school and stay relatively healthy, the parents believe they are doing an acceptable job.
  5. Few parents are aware of the dramatic effect the media have upon people’s behavior and values. Just 9% of parents believe that the media are the most significant influence on their children’s lives, and only one out of every three parents of kids under 13 impose any significant restrictions or limitations on how much or what type of media their children are exposed to. Shockingly few parents have discussions with their children about the content of the media they have digested."
So... as you minister to the children in your church, remember to be prayerfully aware of the pressures that their parents are under.    

Monday, October 6, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN - #4 Invest

Are you busy? Me too! When our frantic weeks are filled with the busyness of life, it's hard to imagine finding more time to give away. But would you scrounge together a few minutes if you knew it would make a transformational difference in the life of a child? Me too! In fact, if you are truly going to invest in something, it is going to cost you something up front.

Connect      Honor      Ask      INVEST      Notice

Building a strong relational CHAIN often requires making an extra investment with our time. Here are some practical ways that you can INVEST in the lives of your kids this week: 

1) Ask, Listen & Remember - When children 
arrive in your ministry, ask them about their week, listen more than you talk, and remember what they share so you can follow up the next time you see them. 

2) Pray For Your Kids During The Week - Have your kids write down prayer requests so you can pray specifically for them throughout the week. Remember to follow up and ask for updates. This will remind each child that you really are praying for them.

3) Mail Your Kids A Note - Kids love getting mail! Sending a simple note to a child in your group is a great way to let them know that they are important to you. It doesn't need to be long or profound. A simple comment like, "I'm so glad you are in my group" or "I'm praying for you" are great ways to let kids know that you care.

Imagine being able to pray specifically for your kids throughout the week. Imagine looking a child in the eye and telling him he was prayed for all week long. Do you think that might make a difference? Absolutely! It might make all the difference in the world for your kids.

Johnny Rogers

Check out Johnny's personal blog here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN - #3 Ask

We've been looking at ways that we can build a strong relational CHAIN to the kids we minister to. Today we'll look at the third aspect of the CHAIN... Ask.

Connect     Honor    ASK     Invest     Notice

Conversation can be a key to unlock a meaningful relationship with a child. However, many kids are not natural conversationalists. So how do you start a connection with a kid through conversation? The first step is to get them talking.

I recommend using these 3 questions to create connections with your kids: 

1) ASK - How was your week? Asking kids about their weeks sends the message, “I’m interested in you. Tell me something about your life.” 

2) ASK - Did anything different or unusual happen to you this week? If a child is drawing a blank, offer some possibilities like, "Did you win your game? Did you go swimming?" Asking specific questions will help jog a child’s memory. Kids might not simply offer information, but they will share in great detail if you ask them the right questions. 

3) ASK - Do you have any brothers of sisters? or Do you have any pets? Many children have siblings or pets and they love to talk about them. Having a child share about brothers, sisters or pets can give you great insight into a child's family life.   

Once a child begins to share, stop talking and start listening. In fact, listen more than you talk. Showing genuine interest in what a child is sharing means listening intently. As you get to know them better you become better equipped to minister to them more effectively.

 I Thessalonians 5:11 tells us that we should, “…encourage each other and build each other up.” One way to begin encouraging your kids is to take an interest in their lives. 

So this week, ask your kids about their lives and listen to them! You may be surprised by what they have to say.


Johnny Rogers

Monday, September 29, 2008

KIDMO Comments

We regularly get letters and emails from people telling us the difference that KIDMO!  has made in their ministries. Here's a quick collection of comments that we've recently received. -- Do you use KIDMO! curriculum? If so, please take a moment to comment on this post and share your experience. We'd love to hear what you have to say! -- If you don't use KIDMO! and have questions, please post those too so our users can respond to you!

~The KIDMO! Team



For several years our church children's ministry was in decline. Then we found KIDMO! God has used this resource to transform our ministry. Attendance has nearly tripled in the last 18 months. Even our fifth grade boys now beg to lead the worship. Thanks to the creativity and energy of KIDMO! our kids are learning to apply biblical truth to their everyday lives.

Greg and Renee Carper
Carmel Presbyterian Church-Carmel, CA

Click here to read Greg Carper's current article in Religious Product News "Jesus On The Big Screen "


KIDMO! has brought a new vibrant and alive perspective for teaching foundational concepts to our kids and is providing the building blocks for strong spiritual development. Johnny Rogers' crazy spunk has thrilled their minds and the catchy tunes, actions and phrases spark a desire for wanting more of God in the hearts of all who participate. Even the adults!

Heather Glidden
First Free Church-Rockford, IL


Since discovering KIDMO! our attendance has tripled-and we have no more complaining kids! We also have many stories of kids getting their parents up for church, running from the car to be in class, and visitors who have told their parents this is where they want to come to church! If that isn't enough our volunteers are thrilled to not be overloaded with preparation so they can focus on making relational connects. We can't wait to start Lil' K with our preschoolers!

Beth Wilkes
Orange Park Presbyterian Church-Orange Park, FL


KIDMO! is not just about teaching and informing, but helping to make world-changing disciples. Our kids are going out with confidence into their neighborhoods and schools.

Scott Dobson
Church of the Open Door-Glendora, CA


We started using KIDMO! about a year ago and love it. I was hesitant at first, but after God began speaking to me committed to give it a try. What blew me away is that kids we have never been able to engage before are finally connecting!

Amanda Marshall
Centerpointe Community Church-Orlando, FL

Friday, September 26, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN - #2 Honor

This is the second post in a series on building a strong relational CHAIN with your kids. There are 5 aspects to this relational CHAIN.

    Connect    HONOR    Ask    Invest    Notice

Today I want to share some thoughts on Honoring your kids. A great way to do this is by celebrating their arrival. So, how can you do this effectively?

1) Show Enthusiasm: Giving high-fives and greeting a child with enthusiasm offers that child a sense of celebration and gets them excited about being there.  

2) Call Them by Name: Calling a child by his or her first name makes them to feel known and valued.

(Name tags are a great way to help you and your volunteers.) 

3) Set Busyness Aside: When a child arrives at your door, stop what you are doing to acknowledge each one as he or she enters the room. This focused attention lets each child (and the adults who drop them off) know that they are important to you. This is a job is so important that you may want to do it yourself!

Your ultimate goal should be to greet and treat each boy or girl the same way you would greet and treat Jesus. In Matthew 18:5 (NLT) Jesus said, "...anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me."  Acknowledging and welcoming children was important to Jesus, and it should be important to us as we seek to reach and teach kids about Him.

Thanks for investing your time and energy into kids! I hope you stay encouraged as we seek to inspire world changers together! 

Johnny Rogers

Check out Johnny's personal blog here.

The KIDMO! Concept

KIDMO! is not about information, but transformation. Not just biblical stories, but a biblical worldview.

We want to teach God’s truth in ways that impact a child’s choices and actions. Creativity and imagination are precious resources for penetrating their language and culture. Kids must be needed, valued, and connected. Their church experience must be relevant to their daily lives. Kids have time, availability, and enthusiasm to accomplish great things for His Kingdom. A kid’s day-to-day existence is not side tracked by many of the complications that distract their adult counterparts. By teaching them to develop a biblical worldview, we can ignite an awakening that will impact generations to come. For the same reason that Jesus gave his attention to kids, we believe kids grow best when nurtured by loving mentors and teachers. That’s you! 

Let’s Inspire World Changers Together!

~The KIDMO! Team

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN: #1 Connect

I don't know about you, but there are times when I've wondered if I'm really connecting with the kids in my ministry. I've watched them walk out the doors of my classroom and wondered, "Are they really getting it? Are they making a connection between what was just taught and what life will throw at them this week?”  What do we need to provide to inspire our kids to change their world?  Well it all begins with relationship.

I want to encourage you to be purposeful about building a strong relational CHAIN with your kids. There are 5 aspects to this relational CHAIN.

    CONNECT    Honor    Ask    Invest    Notice

Today, I want to share some thoughts on connecting. Here are 3 ways you and your volunteers can Connect with your kids this week.

1) Kneel Down - It's easy for us as adults to stand up and tower over kids. When you kneel down and get on their level it makes you more approachable.

2) Look them In the Eye - Making eye contact with a child conveys value and improves communication. Eye contact tells the child, "I'm ready to listen." 

3) Practice Focused Attention - Even though there may be a lot going on around you, take a few minutes to dedicate your attention to that one child. Focusing your attention allows that child to feel that he or she is the most important person in the room. Focusing your attention in the midst of busyness takes practice, but it can yield a huge harvest in the heart of a child.

Kneeling down, looking a child in the eye and focusing on each one takes intentional effort. If you think about it, this is what Jesus did for us. The God of the universe became small, He got down on our level, so that He could look us in the eye. He intentionally pursued a personal relationship with each of us and He did it because of His love for us. 

Be encouraged today and know that you ARE making a difference! 

Johnny Rogers

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We Believe!!!

We Believe: Kids are World Changers!

We Believe: Jesus, God's only Son, is the ultimate world changer, bringing forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and a purpose for living to all who believe and trust in Him.

We Believe: The Bible is the true and inspired Word of God.

We Believe: Kids have an amazing ability to understand Biblical truth and apply it to their lives.

We Believe: God uses kids to reach their sphere of influence. 

We Believe: In the Local Church. We celebrate the diversity of the body, and embrace the unique and vivid ways in which God inspires His people to worship Him. We recognize that doctrinal differences exist, and we give way to the local church to teach the principles that they hold true, consistent with a sound biblical basis. Jesus set a powerful example of how to build unity in the body as He embraced people of varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, and in how He valued relationship above all else.

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