Friday, July 31, 2009

The K.I.D.M.O. K5

We believe in Bible action, not just Bible study.We believe that kids are not just the church of tomorrow, but that they can be World Changers right now.We understand that after age twelve most people’s beliefs are set for life. Therefore, KIDMO's purpose is to inspire world changers by equipping kids to:

Does God exist?
What are the attributes of God?
What is the character of God?
What is prayer?
What is worship?

How and why was the world created?
What is the nature and purpose of humanity?
Why did God create me?
What is good and evil?
How do I make right choices?

What is truth?
What does the Bible mean to me?
How can I experience God?
What spiritual authorities exist?
What happens after we die on earth?

What is the Church?
What is the mission of the Church?
How does the body of Christ function?
How can I help others know Christ?
How can I pray for others?

What gifts has God given me?
How can I use my time and money to serve God?
What can I do to serve the church?
What can I do to serve my community?
What can I do to serve those in other countries?

Friday, July 24, 2009

K Magazine Reviews KIDMO Content

We recently learned that the July/August 2009 issue of K! Magazine (a leading children's ministry publication) contains reviews of two of KIDMO's series: Lil K Show & Tell, and Johnny Rogers Deep... and both received top ratings! The reviews can be found on page 27 of the issue. Here's are some excerpts from the reviews.

Ryan's Reviews What's hot and what's not in the market
- 1 star - Makes a good doorstop
- 2 stars - Look for it on eBay
- 3 stars - Get out your credit card
- 4 stars - Booyah!
- 5 stars - Refinance your home

Show & Tell - Lil K
Producer: KIDMO
Ryan's Review: KIDMO has raised the bar in preschool curriculum with this new series. The first time I showed it to my-4 year-old daughter she wanted to watch it again. While the price tag might seem high for 5 weeks of curriculum, you'll find yourself saying it was well worth it.
Rating: 5 stars

Deep - Johnny Rogers
Producer: KIDMO
Ryan's Review: Sailors and scallywags, prepare to submerge in the Word with Captain Johnny in this new Elementary series from Kidmo. Not to my surprise, the video quality is way up there and I was also satisfied with the content. After these 5 lessons, your kids will have a better handle on God's Word and what it should mean to them.
Rating: 5 Stars

You can get more information about K! Magazine online at


Friday, July 17, 2009

Dealing with "Disruptives"

by Kai Vilhelmsen

We’ve all had it happen to us. You are before those whom God has entrusted you to communicate the truths of the Bible that will set on fire the very course of their lives! Every eye is upon you, so great is their attention span and respect for you. Quietly and attentively they absorb every word, nodding in agreement… and the smiling and grateful parents come in at just that moment to pick up their kids! If only it was always that way.

The truth is, there IS a problem. There is a fundamental challenge to teaching kids: They are kids. Now that we have that out of the way… Developmentally speaking, each age group or division will have it’s own unique set of challenges, but it seems in ANY age group there will be one or more of what I will call “Disruptives.” (I’m using this term merely in terms of its interruptive nature, not in regards to the child’s personal nature.) Maybe it’s a result of excitement, or of chemical, emotional or physical concerns. Whatever the underlying root, it manifests itself in interruptive behavior. Those of you who have leaders or helpers who immediately exhort those who pull focus are blessed indeed. But here is what I’ve experienced.

When I am teaching and I have to draw attention to the one who is talking or acting up, I will usually begin to lose those who are paying attention. And if they see that someone else can get away with it, well, you know the rest. There is a certain momentum in teaching. You know what it feels like. And it’s just a bummer when you have to disengage to discipline.

Here is a technique that I have used to help keep that momentum. It involves proximity, you know, how close you are to something. Instead of “using your words” simply keep teaching, and without even acknowledging the behavior, walk over and stand within a couple feet of the disrupter and continue talking to the class. Many times they will get it on the first try. If not, take another step closer. If that doesn’t work, pause, just look at them, and keep going. No words are necessary. You are not giving them attention, if that’s what they are after, and the rest of the class, as well as those nearby, will see that it matters to you. It’s actually kinda fun. It’s a strategy that works for large or small groups. It’s always nice to give them a knowing little smile if they do quiet down. Positive reinforcement and all that.

Try this next time you find yourself in a “disruptive” situation. At the end of the day, we remember those teachers and leaders who have “loved on us,” and believed that we were significant. This made them close to us… a blessed “proximity”

Kai Vilhemsen holds multiple degrees in education and biblical studies, and is the writer/host of KIDMO’s Lil K preschool curriculum.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Economy of the Upside Down

by Kai Vilhelmsen

Do you remember what it felt like to be in the “team-picking lineup” when you were in grade school? I do. You can feel the warmth of the bricks against your back. Hands behind, they spring you slightly forward and back as you wait for your name to be called. “Will I be called?” “and, if so… when?” Here, in this tyrannical lineup, choices are made by how cool, how close, how fast, or how nice you are, …or maybe by what’s in your lunchbox. There is nothing longer than the span of time experienced by the last one to be picked. I know this personally… (and, subsequently, I know a great counselor in Nashville). This is the way of things. It’s the qualitative economy of this age and of ages past. THANK GOD it is not God’s economy! In fact, the best stuff happens when we feel entirely ill equipped, unprepared, and when there is absolutely nothing at all in our lunchbox for us to pull out. This is where God meets us. Somehow all that we might think we are is overshadowed by all that God is, and by the inestimable love and value that he has placed on each one of us.

True, God gives us aptitudes and abilities that are innately ours… gifts if you will. You have gifts. Do you have an idea of what they are? If you serve in a church setting, often times you will gravitate to opportunities consistent with your giftedness. Being an “up front” type is great, but then again, taking a child to the bathroom, or pouring juice, or cleaning up the under table carnage of dismembered goldfish crackers and cheerios will set the angels cheering too -- especially when it is accompanied by love. That’s a big one in this economy.

The truth is that you have a story in this economy. It will include sublime successes, absolute failures, near misses, and everything in between. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. Jump up and down for Who has you! So today, thank God for who you are, and where he has put you… and for your special place in the economy of the upside down.

Hey, your name was just called! And guess what, you were the first one picked!

Kai Vilhemsen holds multiple degrees in education and biblical studies, and is the writer/host of KIDMO’s Lil K preschool curriculum.