Friday, July 24, 2009

K Magazine Reviews KIDMO Content

We recently learned that the July/August 2009 issue of K! Magazine (a leading children's ministry publication) contains reviews of two of KIDMO's series: Lil K Show & Tell, and Johnny Rogers Deep... and both received top ratings! The reviews can be found on page 27 of the issue. Here's are some excerpts from the reviews.

Ryan's Reviews What's hot and what's not in the market
- 1 star - Makes a good doorstop
- 2 stars - Look for it on eBay
- 3 stars - Get out your credit card
- 4 stars - Booyah!
- 5 stars - Refinance your home

Show & Tell - Lil K
Producer: KIDMO
Ryan's Review: KIDMO has raised the bar in preschool curriculum with this new series. The first time I showed it to my-4 year-old daughter she wanted to watch it again. While the price tag might seem high for 5 weeks of curriculum, you'll find yourself saying it was well worth it.
Rating: 5 stars

Deep - Johnny Rogers
Producer: KIDMO
Ryan's Review: Sailors and scallywags, prepare to submerge in the Word with Captain Johnny in this new Elementary series from Kidmo. Not to my surprise, the video quality is way up there and I was also satisfied with the content. After these 5 lessons, your kids will have a better handle on God's Word and what it should mean to them.
Rating: 5 Stars

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