Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One's in the Crowd

It’s easy to think of the kids in your ministry as a group… a crowd… maybe even a mob! ...that's not necessarily a good thing. I was recently reminded that, no matter how massive our groups get, we need to minister to our kids as individuals. The ultimate goal is for each child to feel spoken to, related to, and ministered to personally each week. Making your ministry personal can be a challenge as your group grows in number, but the only number that really counts is 1. So whether your group is 20, 40, or 170, try to not think of them as a group of that many... but as that many 1's. Purposefully speaking to each one as if they were the only one will help keep your kids from feeling lost in the crowd.



debbiearnn said...
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debbiearnn said...

This Sunday as I was speaking to my group of 50 K-4th graders, I was reminding the kids of the main point of the week. I usually say something like, "When you go home and your mom asks you what you learned this Sunday, here's what I want you to say." (A very general, "groupish" comment.) But this week, I remembered this principle of the "many 1's" and I called out the name of one of our deaf students. (We have four of them in our ministry.) As the interpreter spelled out his name, Miguel smiled from ear to ear. It's small, but that connection...to one of the "many 1's" shows Miguel and our other deaf kids that they matter to our ministry.

I get where you're coming from with this post...

Little Rock, AR

crispy said...

Great idea...and it is neat to see how God has used it to make those kids feel special.