Thursday, December 18, 2008

Note from a KIDMO Kid


I'm a student from KIDMO, and I LOVE it! It really seems to work magic on my church. All the kids who are usually loud, and "unteachable", are becoming really nice! Especcially the Christamas episodes, my church was amazing. I saw the very loud 5th graders standing next to the 1st graders, that they usually dont even talk to, swaying to the music, singing all the christams song, it was wonderful! 

When i was little, i didn't really like going to church. But now that there's KIDMO, im exited to go, and i look foward to it during the week. I also LOVE the songs. I mean, who could have thought of a better way to make Christ through music? I sure don't know anyone. I mean, even the older kids, we all come up and do motions for the younger kids. But I do have one suggestion. Could you make a song JUST about the rapture. Not like all the freaky, scary parts. I mean, i dont think you really want to scare the little 1st graders. Just saying He will come. I think it would make a good song. 

Well, you guys are amazing! Now I feel better about bringing friends to church, cuz they would be lass tempted to go, if you're listening to a long sermon in a very low monotone. But GO JOHNNY ROGERS!

Rebecca N.