Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pray at the Pump

The last time I got gas I had to push a button marked "Pay at the Pump" -- I laughed to myself just a little as I quickly changed the word "Pay" to "Pray" in my head. Pray at the Pump.  Heh. Funny. =) ...and then I thought, hey, it's not such a bad idea. I took the next few minutes to pray for my family, my job, our nation's leaders... (and, yes, the price of gas). I want to challenge you to try it too! It can be hard to set aside dedicated prayer time each week, but we always have to stop for gas. So, next time you Pay at the Pump... remember to Pray at the Pump! The good news is, the bigger your car, the more time you'll have to pray!


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Chris W said...

Great thought! And, speaking of prayer, about 6 mo. ago I decided that I needed to be more intentional about praying for each of the families in my Children's Ministry. So, I set up recurring Outlook reminders so that each day of the month I could be reminded to pray over a different family. Every morning when I power up the laptop I now receive a family to "pray without ceasing" for that day.