Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Building a Relational CHAIN - #3 Ask

We've been looking at ways that we can build a strong relational CHAIN to the kids we minister to. Today we'll look at the third aspect of the CHAIN... Ask.

Connect     Honor    ASK     Invest     Notice

Conversation can be a key to unlock a meaningful relationship with a child. However, many kids are not natural conversationalists. So how do you start a connection with a kid through conversation? The first step is to get them talking.

I recommend using these 3 questions to create connections with your kids: 

1) ASK - How was your week? Asking kids about their weeks sends the message, “I’m interested in you. Tell me something about your life.” 

2) ASK - Did anything different or unusual happen to you this week? If a child is drawing a blank, offer some possibilities like, "Did you win your game? Did you go swimming?" Asking specific questions will help jog a child’s memory. Kids might not simply offer information, but they will share in great detail if you ask them the right questions. 

3) ASK - Do you have any brothers of sisters? or Do you have any pets? Many children have siblings or pets and they love to talk about them. Having a child share about brothers, sisters or pets can give you great insight into a child's family life.   

Once a child begins to share, stop talking and start listening. In fact, listen more than you talk. Showing genuine interest in what a child is sharing means listening intently. As you get to know them better you become better equipped to minister to them more effectively.

 I Thessalonians 5:11 tells us that we should, “…encourage each other and build each other up.” One way to begin encouraging your kids is to take an interest in their lives. 

So this week, ask your kids about their lives and listen to them! You may be surprised by what they have to say.


Johnny Rogers

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