Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's up for 09?

Hi gang~ Here's a peek at the new KIDMO promo video we'll be showing at San Diego CPC this Friday. It will be on our homepage soon, but I thought I'd offer our blog friends a sneak peek at the video... and what we are working on for 2009...

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Phil said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the work on this blog.

I'm Phil Sawatsky, hailing from Milton Ontario Canada.

Kidmo is fun to watch and easy for people starting out in kids ministry (like me).

Finding the blog came at just the right time. I hope to share the video about the prayer cards with the rest of the Kidmo team at my church.

Do you have any info about that new Johnny Rogers Instructional video? I've been looking for ways to refocus our Kidmo ministry and that might be the ideal way to do it.

Also wondering if you know of any churches that use the kidmo 'store' idea (in one of the handouts - prizes for kids when they do their map book homework they get kidmo bucks and then they can buy items from a kidmo store.

Thanks for your time,