Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hey Lil' K users!
How cool would it be if your kids walked in and saw a blanket fort of their own!?  Just like the one on Lil' K!!  Well, this post is going to show you step by step, ONE idea on how to make a blanket fort!  Here's what you'll need:  blankets, a counter-top (or another table), a table, stools (and/or) chairs, and something heavy, that won't move very easily (we used sandbags).  

Let's dive in and build a fort!
First, set up the table at a distance from the countertop...

Then, drape your first blanket across..from the counter to the table. (It's ok if it hangs over the table, in fact, it's better!!

Once that is done, add another blanket to make a "door".  Now you could stop here, OR you can take your stools or chairs and position them on the sides of the blanket, at a little distance and extend the 2nd blanket over, making a little more room inside :)

Again, you could stop here and have a pretty cool blanketfort, but let's keep going :)
Next thing I did was the exact same thing on the other side... First adding another blanket, to make a door, and then positioning my 2nd stool and draping the blanket over that!


And there you have it, a quick, simple way to make a blanket fort out of things you might have around your church, that your kids will LOVE! 

Now go out and get creative! 

We would love to see the forts you create!  Send us some pictures!

The KIDMO team

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