Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Layers of Life Change: #2 Fun

Learning through play is critical to a child’s development. Child-centered design means creating an environment that is culturally in sync with a child. There is no good reason church should be boring. God is not boring. What’s more, God is enjoyable, playful and yes, even fun. If we are to communicate the message of transformation to children, we must communicate it in a language they understand. Fun is the language kids speak. When our children’s ministries reflect an enjoyable environment, it sends the message, “you belong here.” Children’s ministries should strive to be the best part of a child’s week. It is easier to build ministry-wide momentum when children want to keep coming back. Imagine parents asking, “What are you guys up to? My kid can’t wait to get to church!”

Evaluate these areas when looking at your current ministry:
1) What do kids see when they enter your children’s ministry?
2) What does a first time attendee hear when they enter your children’s ministry?
3) What do families feel when they enter your children’s ministry?
4) How do kids respond and relate to your children’s ministry environment?

Creating fond memories will go a long way to building a ministry that not only lasts, but also is stronger as it grows. Ask yourself, “If kids could drive, would they still come?”

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