Monday, January 18, 2010

KIDMO 2010 Update!

At the recent Children's Pasters' Conference in Nashville, we had the opportunity to unveil our KIDMO 2010 promo... including clips from the soon-to-be-released Johnny Rogers ZuCamp series that is currently in production, our soon-to-ship Preschool Worship collection, and the new Lil K BIG series. All this, and it's only January! Check out the promo to see what's in store, and stay tuned to the KIDMO blog for news & information about new releases in the days/weeks to come.

To view clips of LilK BIG, our new Preschool Worship collection and other offerings, visit the KIDMO Media Gallery here.


Unknown said...

woohoo! We have been waiting for the Lil'k CD.....our parents are going to be so excited.

captain derrick brown said...

do you guys party?

Thodgson said...

Where are you??? Looking forward to new material

Anonymous said...

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